Initial Sketch

Initial Sketch

My first Design and Research project, “Melting Pot” focuses on the concept of culture. At first, I assumed culture meant something to do with the lives and traditions of a particular group of people in a different country or any other location.
However, as I broadened my mind, my thoughts lead me elsewhere. Being typically me to divert from the subject, I grasped the idea of culture within the timeframe of life from Reptilians to Humans. It took me to think of evolution and how we choose to adapt our bodies and general appearances to suit our culture. Similarly, Animals have adapted to their environment, but over time and through the course of nature for survival instead of choice.
As humans have past the needs purely for survival, the modern day consumers of material wealth indicates how humans take for granted the natural adaption to life and the world around us, and instead follow an artist’s desired ideal culture portrayed heavily in the media.
As for the future, we can only assume that this modern mentality will continue to grow for the better or worse. At first, I thought of humans wiping out completely, and a new race of life will come into existence, like aliens. Although, as far fetched as Aliens go, Many designers have incorporated futurism and life beyond humanity into their work, because it intriguing to think of a futuristic trend possibly one day turning into a alien reality.
None of this however is really positive or negative; it is just my observation, as my artistic influences stem from a range of subjects, especially desired material culture and futurism.
Overall, in this project I wish to attempt to combine these theories and observations and create a fashion design, which embraces the heart of culture from modern day society and by somehow clashing the two extremities of ancient versus future in a “Fusion Of Time”.


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