My London Sourced Fabric

My London Sourced Fabric

As the purpose of the trip was to find fabric for our projects, the first option was to rummage through the textile shops and the market in Shepherd’s Bush. Infamous for its dusty, brown brick appearance, together with the rough and rugged atmosphere, Shepherd’s Bush offered a range of cheaper options for fabrics. Compared with the High-end fabric specialists of Liberty’s and Soho, The fabrics in the market and textile shops where not necessarily bad quality, but there was definitely a trash glamour feel about the range available, from sequins to animal prints. However, this is what drew me to purchasing fabric there, as I wanted to get something that had a trash glamour feel about it whilst incorporating the charm of that part of London and also relating to my evolution and animalistic/tribal theme. I luckily found, among other sample and trimmings, a blue/black/gold poly satin material in the market, which simulated futuristic alien skin, crossed with a leopard print with gold touches.

After collecting all my necessary fabric resources, Westfield shopping centre called out to me, as it is located near Shepherd’s Bush station. Apart from the initial thought of shopping for clothes etc, I wanted to observe the rich materialistic culture of retail displayed within the array of boutiques in the shopping centre. Having been to Westfield countless times before, I drew accustomed to the intense shopping atmosphere there, although until recently, I only realized how different the atmosphere was inside the shopping centre compared with the nearby market. I could only stand in awe at all the big brands displayed, wishing that I could one day experience the luxury lifestyle associated with the products, but when I took a look at my inexpensive fabric from the market I drew to a conclusion that its not necessarily wear source comes form that matters, it is all in the design and the manufacture that makes it valuable. Although I’m sure the fabrics used in most designer products are from top quality sources.

I am glad that my fabric represents the charming, old quirky side of London, but when used in my design, it will hopefully represent the new couture of London’s luxurious side. Overall, through fusing together the idea of old and new, I hope to use my fabric with great effect, to achieve my desired outcome for my garment in relation to my theme. Technically, the texture and weight of the fabric is supple enough to drape or structure, but will also take great skill to manipulate it in order to achieve a high quality finish.


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