Miss Malevolence (Final Edit- Extracted from BUMF Magazine Issue 2)


How ambiguously brilliant is She. Oh how her soft, flowing feminine features complement the divine cosmic prints and smoky texture of her attire. She is beyond human in her exaggerated features, such as legs that mimic a spider’s stance, or lips that pout like a full bodied summer rose. So far from the norm, yet here she exists among us. A representation of impossible beauty, Miss Malevolence is all that humanity desires, yet beneath the surface lurks a darkness that devours the pure souls of this world.  A peasant to her competition, yet a Queen to the likes of us who stand in awe of her appearance. There is none other like her, or who can imitate her perfection, for her beauty is immortally bound between the guidelines of cultural attire and displayed on the pinnacle of art.

Sensuously seductive, her smile wins our affection, bearing a glimpse at her white teeth. Her eyes, burning with the desire for attention and she relishes each flash of light that hits her beaming face. Arms clenched at the waist, to enhance her slender appeal, her back arched slightly to portray her hunger for vanity. Her feet come to a sharp point of gold, raised twelve inches from the ground defying gravity and sensibility. Her head in the clouds, the sound of applause deafens her so that she becomes oblivious to physical pain. She is lost behind her wall of paint, which masks her true identity. She takes pride in her appearance, yet confidence is her true enemy, for inside she is weakened by the thought of old age and the loss of youth and beauty. Her image is all she has to maintain her dominance in society, as she has no voice in the light. Only in darkness, we hear her malevolent cries of superfluous needs of vanity. She bears no reflection in the mirror of humanity because her soul is blackened with pride.

She draws closer her to her lensed lover, her eyes smoulder lustfully and her breathing deepens with pleasure. She takes one large step in hope of intimacy with the artist and falls, not in love, but down the path of regret as she peers down at her disfigured legs. Now supported on all fours, she begs for forgiveness, as the artist continues to adorn her with blinding light. Like polluted waterfalls, her purple tears are worthless as she sobs at her indiscretion.

Only a fool can be truly subdued by her beauty. No doubt she is flawlessness in imagery, but it is not to say she is a real person. Human beings are not perfect, no matter how we may aspire to be, so we look to seek worship in Miss Malevolence in hope she will show us a perfect world. Her powers however, are weakened by the realities of time and its justice. She will abdicate from the throne, and a new Queen will rise from the darkness.

(Image by Jess Dawes)


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