Urban Decay


1996 saw the birth of a makeup brand that believes in the injection of colour and vibrancy in makeup. Urban Decay started trading with a small collection of lipsticks and nail polish, then grew into one of the world’s exciting makeup brands; currently achieving a high-end status with solid five star ratings via beauty magazine reviews.

My personal experience with this brand started only recently, where I chose to ditch my M.A.C  makeup for something fresh. Notably, M.A.C  cosmetics are proud to be renowned for their theatrical presence, offering thick, flawless coverage. However, I never felt comfortable under this sheet of M.A.C  makeup and wearing foundation from dawn till dusk means that I need to feel that my skin can breath. Therefore, I decided to seek a new brand that offered the theatrical wow-factor along with the importance of long-lasting comfort.

Debenhams is proud to host Urban Decay concession and to my knowledge, it was the best-known location for the brand in the Bournemouth area. Being local, I decided to browse round the makeup department for something that caught my eye. And there it was, standing proudly in glossy, glamorous, purple glory was Urban Decay. I was greeted by a very fine young salesman, who made me feel welcome when in awe of the abundance of choice. As a guy, going into a store in search of makeup can be quite daunting, however my confidence was uplifted with the help of a highly skilled Urban Decay makeup specialist. I was pampered and well informed of the different qualities and benefits of the cosmetics such as; being paraben free, having temperature control technology and most importantly, being weightless on the skin to experience long lasting comfort.

Having watched many makeup tutorials on YouTube from the U.S, apart from the huge selection of foundations and base products, Urban Decay is widely known for their more experimental ‘party makeup’, having infinite choices of colour and shades for eyes, lips and nails. However, I only wish to achieve a more flawless, natural finish and as I only really wear BB creams, foundation and the occasional bit of eyeliner, my makeup appointment was fairly brief. Although, in the duration of the visit, I was perfectly colour matched and I left owning a Naked Skin liquid foundation along with an All-nighter makeup setting spray. As I walked out the shop I felt excited and very pleased.

From researching into Urban Decay ‘s well-deserved, highly positive reputation, I became interested in becoming a loyal customer, as from what I was told via the makeup artist’s sales, it was clearly evident that the brand catered for both men and women of all ages. All I can say is that Urban Decay is certainly a universal and beautiful makeup brand with an edge.



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