Enter Flytopia!


BANG! Goes the drum, a steady 4/4 beat sets the pulse followed by an electric explosion of notes on the guitar, enter please…FLY53!

FLY53’s heritage begins with celebrating the band culture from which it was born. In 1994, a collection of limited edition FLY53 t-shirts were released to promote band awareness. With a strong design team, the brand’s fast development made them the first UK men’s intelligent street wear. Now being one of the UK’s premier street wear brands, FLY53 maintains their philosophy as, ‘Outfitters for the resistance’. Through the brand’s success from their graphic tongue and cheek t-shirts and general standards of superior quality in their clothing, FLY53 is looking to expand their target market and enter street rock-chick womenswear.


Having worked for the company for nearly a year, I have grown to appreciate the unique attractiveness of the clothing that truly speaks of individuality, confidence and rock and roll lifestyle.

Every season, the brand offers a delightful range of up-to-date fashion influences such as, loud prints, carefully placed detailing and cutting edge silhouettes which would make any guy look and feel like a rock star of the town.  From casual hoodies to smarter shirts and chinos, FLY53 offers the extra edgy twist to a modern-day man’s wardrobe. However, out of all the garments, the brand’s unique collection of graphic t-shirts are the leading knock-out sellers, offering the tongue and cheek humour in a stylishly designed garment.

Owning a few pieces myself as uniform, I feel nothing but absolute comfort and confidence when wearing FLY, never too dressed down or over dressed, the style offers the perfect balance for recreational wear, or in my case, stunning uniform.

As a fashion student, I would highly recommend investing in a brand with not only an original and intriguing musical background, but also the level of undeniable quality assurance from the FLY53 range. Ditch the one-wash wasters from Primark and treat yourself to a piece of rock music heritage and style. Under the welcoming roof of House of Fraser in Bournemouth, FLY53 takes pride in its location and beautifully presented section of the lower ground floor in undoubtedly the UK’s premium department store.

Through my employment experience and general adoration for the brand, FLY53 are a credit to men’s street wear fashion, being continually innovative and influential in all that they do to present the world with a deafening boost in style and quality.