C’est Moi (About)

I live in a world of inspiration and creativity, from my surroundings to my imagination. Someday in the near or far future, I would love to be an established designer with all the design, construction and business skills possible to hand. During my education and through my working life, I would like to collect skills and experience from all over the fashion industry before I reach the Design stage, as I feel that experience in all fields of the industry are valuable and important in becoming a designer and a canny businessman.

I believe in the liberty of changing my appearance to suit my aesthetic preferences. Constantly changing my appearance enables me to refresh myself from the past and replace it with hope for positive improvement, like the frequent changes in seasonal fashion.

Individuality is about conforming to yourself, however I take influence and ideas from mainstream fashion, couture and art pop culture. I do not have a particular style icon as I idolize the hope for a perfected version of myself, as far as I perceive perfection to be.

Style is a gift and cannot be grasped or given. Everyone has their own unique style whether they have realized it or not. It is about defining your own beauty for yourself, as beauty lies within the eye of the beholder.

I hope to communicate clearly through visual and written posts, my journey and dreams for the future of fashion.

À toute à l’heure,

Bertrand Ash

Ready for Design..

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