Then and Now

To those who have seen me weaker,

For those who have seen me cry,

I wish you all the best,

And happiness in life,

I only hope you see me,

In the light of good,

As I will always see you,

As being misunderstood,

I know that I am stronger,

Now that I have been,

Through times of toil and terror,

The world is clearer and my mind is free.

Words by Bertrand Ash



Everyone wants to be like their shadow,

Taller, slimmer and bolder.

When you walk down the street,

Your shadow will be with you,

Like your doppelganger.

Yet shadows only appear,

When the sun is out,

And you are happy,

Your shadow will remind you,

That you can achieve the impossible.

Words and photography by Bertrand Ash


A burning desire,

A yearning pain,

I’m lost in your bountiful Love,

If seas and stones were to make us part,

I’d still feel your touch,

And praise it like Art.

I need this lift,

To help me fly,

To mend my wings for now,

But later will I learn to see,

That only through the lens of Love there is,

A perfect world that fits around me.

It’s you that peels my eyes,

And tightens my tongue,

So I think clearly,

When all is done,

To make us happy,

And set us free,

Our hearts combined,

Are stronger than We.

Words by Bertrand Ash

Feel the Fireworks!


Panting, palms moist, dry mouth

A nervous shake, lips quiver

Eyes glisten with hope,

I feel your presence

Haunting me with excitement,

An explosion of the senses

I burst with passion,

And show my true colours

I will light up your world

And entertain your thoughts,

Born from that initial spark

Which made us,

Work like fire

And burn like wood,

I’m deafened by your entrance

But in love with your appearance.

Words and photo by Bertrand Ash