Geek Chic

Geek Chic

Then and Now

To those who have seen me weaker,

For those who have seen me cry,

I wish you all the best,

And happiness in life,

I only hope you see me,

In the light of good,

As I will always see you,

As being misunderstood,

I know that I am stronger,

Now that I have been,

Through times of toil and terror,

The world is clearer and my mind is free.

Words by Bertrand Ash



Everyone wants to be like their shadow,

Taller, slimmer and bolder.

When you walk down the street,

Your shadow will be with you,

Like your doppelganger.

Yet shadows only appear,

When the sun is out,

And you are happy,

Your shadow will remind you,

That you can achieve the impossible.

Words and photography by Bertrand Ash



Lip treatment

Wall art

Garden fountain

Garden fountain

Accent chair
$1,900 –

Leblon Delienne outdoor table
$1,085 –

MyYour outdoor decor
$645 –

Wallpops wall panel

Antique garden decor

Ceramic planter

Rainbow picture

Outdoor decor

Wall poster

Outdoor yard decor

Outdoor decor

WIWW (What I Would Wear)

I decided to bring back my love of styling and fashion, reflecting my own tastes in outfits, WIWW (What I would wear). This week is about starting Autumn 2013 in style with this brown toned outfit.




Quilted brown leather biker jacket by Gucci £1455, Floral shirt by Saturdays Surf NYC £68, Topman slim fit trousers £50, Brown leather croc belt by Aspinal of London £85, Brown tote bag by Pedro.